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IEC 62878-1-1:2015 ed1.0
Device embedded substrate - Part 1-1: Generic specification - Test methods
109 стр.
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31.190 Electronic. Including preassembled modules / Электронные компоненты в сборе. Включая предварительно собранные модули31.180 Printed circuits and boards / Печатные схемы и платы
IEC 62878-1-1:2015 specifies the test methods of passive and active device embedded substrates. The basic test methods of printed wiring substrate materials and substrates themselves are specified in IEC 61189-3. This part of IEC 62878 is applicable to device embedded substrates fabricated by use of organic base material, which include for example active or passive devices, discrete components formed in the fabrication process of electronic wiring board, and sheet formed components.