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IEC 63052:2019 ed1.0
Power frequency overvoltage protective devices (POPs) for household and similar applications
231 стр.
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29.120.50 Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices / Плавкие предохранители и другие защитные устройства при перегрузках
IEC 63052:2019 applies to devices for power frequency overvoltage protection (hereafter referred to as "POP") for household and similar uses, with a rated frequency of 50 Hz, 60 Hz or 50/60 Hz, with rated voltage not exceeding 230 V AC (between phase and neutral), and with rated current not exceeding 63 A, either consisting of a functional unit in combination with a main protective device (MPD), or as one single device having opening means able to open the protected circuit in specified conditions.
The main protective device is a circuit-breaker, an RCCB or an RCBO.