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IEC TS 60034-24:2009 ed1.0
Rotating electrical machines - Part 24: Online detection and diagnosis of potential failures at the active parts of rotating electrical machines and of bearing currents - Application guide
44 стр.
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29.160.01 Rotating machinery in general / Машины вращающиеся в целом
IEC/TS 60034-24:2009 is applicable to the on-line detection and diagnosis of failures at the active parts of multi-phase rotating electrical machines (induction and synchronous machines) and of bearing currents. The failure analysis includes
- inter-turn faults;
- phase-to-phase short-circuits;
- double earth faults and single earth faults of motors with earth connection of the star-point;
- static and dynamic eccentricities;
- cage imperfection or defects (e.g. broken bars or end-rings);
- bearing currents.