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IEC TS 60919-3:1999 ed1.0
Performance of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems - Part 3: Dynamic conditions
83 стр.
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29.200 Rectifiers. Including semiconductor converters / Выпрямители. Преобразователи. Стабилизированные источники питания. Включая полупроводниковые преобразователи29.240.99 Other. Including capacitors for power networks / Оборудование, связанное с сетями электропередачи и распределительными сетями. Включая конденсаторы для сетей электропитания
Dynamic performance is meant to include those events and phenomena whose characteristic frequencies or time domain ocver the range between transient conditions and steady state. Diode valves are not considered in this specification. This specification is accompanied by publications for stead-state (part 1) and transient (part 2) performance. All three aspects should be considered when preparing two-terminal HVDC system specifications. This report should not be used directly as a specification for a specific project. Does not intend to discriminate between the responsibility of users and manufacturers for the work specified.