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IEC TS 62607-5-1:2014 ed1.0
Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 5-1: Thin-film organic/nano electronic devices - Carrier transport measurements
15 стр.
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07.120 Nanotechnologies / Нанотехнологии07.030 Physics. Chemistry / Физика. Химия
IEC TS 62607-5-1:2014(E) provides a standardized sample structure for characterizing charge transport properties in thin-film organic/nano electronic devices and a format to report details of the structure which shall be provided with the measurement results. The standardized OTFT testing structure with a contact-area-limited doping can mitigate contact resistance and enable reliable measurement of the charge carrier mobility. The purpose of this Technical Specification is to provide test sample structures for determining the intrinsic charge transport properties of organic thin-film devices. The intention is to provide reliable materials information for OTFTs and to set guidelines for making test sample structures so that materials information is clear and consistent throughout the research community and industry.