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IEC TS 62642-7:2011 ed1.0
Alarm systems - Intrusion and hold-up systems - Part 7: Application guidelines
53 стр.
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13.320 Alarm and warning systems / Системы аварийной сигнализации и оповещения
IEC/TS 62642-7:2011(E) provides guidance on the design, planning, operation, installation, commissioning and maintenance of intrusion and hold-up alarm system (I&HAS) installed in buildings. Requirements for I&HAS are specified in IEC 62642-1:2010. It also applies to intruder alarm system and hold-up alarm system when these systems are installed independently. These application guidelines are intended to assist those responsible for establishing an I&HAS to ascertain the appropriate design of I&HAS both in terms of the extent of the supervision required and in determining the grade of system performance necessary to provide the degree of supervision considered appropriate.