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IEC TS 62720:2017 ed2.0
Identification of units of measurement for computer-based processing
87 стр.
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01.060 Quantities and units / Величины и единицы измерения01.040.35 Information technology. Office machines (Vocabularies) / Информационные технологии. Конторские машины (Словари)35.240.60 IT applications in transport and trade. Including EDIFACT and e-commerce / Применение информационных технологий на транспорте и в торговле. Включая ЭДИФАКТ и электронную коммерцию
IEC TS 62720:2017(E) specifies identifiers for units to support computer-based processing of product data. It provides a survey of quantities with associated collections of internationally standardized as well as non–standardized units used in business and science.
It covers any standard or non-standard units of measure currently in use, in two or more distinct ethno-linguistic groups or nations, at least in one domain of industry, for which an explicit method of conversion to a known standard unit of measure or its equivalent is well documented or evident from external references.