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MSS SP-72-2010a
Ball Valves with Flanged or Butt-Welding Ends for General Service
Шаровые краны с фланцевыми торцами или торцами под приварку для общего применения
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Ball Valves
This Standard Practice covers flanged or butt weld end ball valves having in general, but not restricted to, round openings which may be full port, regular port, or reduced port types. The following characteristics shall be considered standard practice unless otherwise specified by agreement between manufacturer and purchaser.
Valves covered by this Standard Practice are suitable for use in general liquid and gas service. Their service pressures and temperatures generally conform to standards cited in Paragraph 2, but may be restricted by the materials used for their seats and seals, or by other special considerations.
The size range covered by this Standard Practice is NPS 1/2 (DN 15) through NPS 36 (DN 900).
This Standard Practice covers ball valves of the following materials:carbon steel; alloy steels; stainless steels; ductile iron; gray iron; and copper alloy.
Names of common valve body types are given in Figure 1. When variations or other body types are used, they may be named by the manufacturer. The names of basic valve parts are given in Figure 2. Other parts may be named by the manufacturer. Body types and valve parts may also be identified by applicable MSS or other terminology standards.