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MSS SP-92-2012
MSS Valve User Guide
Руководство пользователя клапанов MSS
25 стр.
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Valve Operation
When a complex product is used for a variety of applications and in various operating environments, it is reasonable to expect that the performance of such a product will reflect upon its suitability for the specific service as well as its proper installation and maintenance. Recognizing that operating problems involving industrial valves frequently involve the use of valves not properly selected for the intended service, or adversely affected by improper handling, installation, operation, or maintenance, the Manufacturers Standardization Society has prepared this Valve User Guide.
This Guide presents information which should be helpful to users desiring to avoid the most obvious causes of problems with valves. The material is divided into five main sections: “References”, “Selection”, “Shipping and Storage”, “Installation”, and “Operation and Maintenance”.