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ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 50411-2-3:2012-10
Fibre organisers and closures to be used in optical fibre communication systems - Product specifications - Part 2-3: Sealed pan fibre splice closures Type 1, for category S & A (english version)
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33.180.20 Fibre optic interconnecting devices / Волоконно-оптические межсоединительные устройства
1.1 Product definition
This specification contains the initial, start of life dimensional, optical, mechanical and environmental
performance requirements of a fully installed splice closure in order for it to be categorised as an EN standard

1.2 Operating environment
The tests selected combined with the severity and duration is representative of outside plant for subterranean
and/or aerial environments defined by:
ETSI EN 300 019-1-4 class 8.1: underground locations (without earthquake requirement)
EN 61753-1 category S: subterranean environment
category A: aerial environment

1.3 Reliability
Whilst the anticipated service life expectancy of the product in this environment is 20 years, compliance with
this specification does not guarantee the reliability of the product. This should be predicted using a recognised
reliability assessment programme.

1.4 Quality assurance
Compliance with this specification does not guarantee the manufacturing consistency of the product. This
should be maintained using a recognised quality assurance programme.

1.5 Allowed fibre and cable types
Although the performance tests are carried out on test samples with dispersion un-shifted singlemode fibre
(see Annex A), the closure, once tested according to this product specification, will be also suited for other
fibre types like dispersion shifted, non-zero dispersion shifted and multimode fibres.

This closure standard allows both singlemode and multimode fibre to be used and covers all EN standard
optical fibre cables with their various fibre capacities, types and designs. This includes, but is not limited to,
optical fibre cable standards EN 60794-2 (indoor), EN 60794-3 (outdoor).
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