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ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62047-16:2016-02
Semiconductor devices - Micro-electromechanical devices -- Part 16: Test methods for determining residual stresses of MEMS films – Wafer curvature and cantilever beam deflection methods (IEC 62047-16:2015) (english version)
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31.220.01 Electromechanical components in general / Электромеханические компоненты в целом31.080.99 Other semiconductor devices / Полупроводниковые приборы прочие31.080.01 Semiconductor devices in general / Полупроводниковые приборы в целом
This part of IEC 62047 specifies the test methods to measure the residual stresses of films
with thickness in the range of 0,01 µm to 10 µm in MEMS structures fabricated by wafer
curvature or cantilever beam deflection methods. The films should be deposited onto a
substrate of known mechanical properties of Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio. These
methods are used to determine the residual stresses within thin films deposited on substrate