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ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62403:2006-09
High density recording format on CD-R/RW disc system - HD-BURN format (IEC 62403:2005)
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35.220.30 Optical. Including CD and magneto-optical devices (MO) / Оптические запоминающие устройства. Включая CD и магнитооптические устройства (MO)
This International Standard specifies the HD-BURN format applied to CD-R/RW discs. The HDBURN system is capable of recording the information in double density compared to the conventional CD-R/RW disc. It enables the realization of products with high reliability, high speed and interchangeability, and is especially suitable for consumer applications with high costperformance.
This document describes: the physical characteristics for the recording and playback; the track structure of a disc; the data structure in the track; logical format structure.
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