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A Guide to Landing Gear System Integration
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Landing gearParts
The landing gear system is a major airframe system that needs to be integrated very efficiently to minimize the penalties of weight, cost, dispatch reliability and maintenance. As the landing gear system business develops and large scale teaming arrangements and acquisitions become increasingly common, it may be desirable in some instances to procure an Integrated Landing Gear System. This document provides guidelines and useful references for developing an integrated landing gear system for an aircraft and is divided into four sections:
  • Landing Gear Configuration Requirements (Section 3)
  • Landing Gear Functional Requirements (Section 4)
  • Landing Gear System Integrity Requirements (Section 5)
  • Landing Gear Program Requirements (Section 6)
The landing gear system encompasses all landing gear structural and subsystem elements. Structural elements include shock struts, braces, fittings, pins, wheels, tires and brakes. The subsystem elements include the retraction/extension system (both normal and alternate), the steering system, the braking system (both normal and alternate, manual and automatic), the indication systems and control systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic).