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Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluid, Aircraft, SAE Type 1
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Aircraft deicing

This specification covers a deicing/anti-icing material in theform of a fluid.

The fluid is generally used heated either diluted with water, oras supplied, for the removal of, and time-limited protectionagainst, deposits of frost, ice, and snow on exterior aircraftsurfaces prior to takeoff.

Consult aircraft manufacturer's maintenance manual andservice letters to determine any restrictions relating to the useof deicing/anti-icing fluids for type and model of aircraft beingtreated. Refer also to SAE ARP 4737.

The manufacturer shall determine and report the lowestoperational use temperature (LOUT) for the recommended dilutions oftheir fluid(s).

The LOUT for an SAE Type I fluid is the lowest temperature atwhich the fluid has been tested and certified in accordance withthe appropriate aerodynamic acceptance tests (3.5.3) whilemaintaining the 10 degree C (18 degrees F) freezing point buffer(see SAE ARP 4737).