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Spherical and Flanged Sleeve (Compression) Tube Fittings
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This SAE Standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for tube fittings of the spherical and flangedsleeve compression types for use in the piping of air brake systems on automotive vehicles. The spherical sleevecompression type Figures 1A to 5 and Tables 1 to 3 is intended for use with annealed copper alloy tubing per SAE J1149,Type 1. The flanged sleeve compression type Figures 6A to 11 and Tables 4 to 6 is intended for use with nylon tubingper SAE J844. It is not intended to restrict or preclude other designs of a tube fitting for use with SAE J844, air braketubing. Performance requirements for SAE J844 are covered in SAE J1131. See SAE J1131 for the PerformanceRequirements of Reusable (Push to Connect) Fittings Intended for Use in Automotive Air Brake Systems.CAUTION: To assure satisfactory performance, tapered sleeve compression type fitting components (SAE J512) shouldnot be intermixed with the spherical or flanged sleeve components, nor should the spherical sleevecompression type components be intermixed with the flanged sleeve compression type components whenassembling connection in areas where the three types are available.