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Performance Specification for Cable-to-Terminal Electrical Crimps
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WiringConnectors and Terminals

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In any intended vehicle application, if theproducts covered by this specification are, or may be, subjected toconditions beyond those described in this document, they must passspecial tests simulating the actual conditions to be encounteredbefore they can be considered acceptable for actual vehicleapplication. Products certified by their supplier as having passedspecific applicable portions of this specification are not to beused in applications where conditions may exceed those for whichthe product has been satisfactorily tested.

The Authorized Person is the final authority as to what testsare to be performed on his or her parts and for what purpose thesetests are required. He or she is also the final authority forresolving any questions related to testing to this specificationand to authorizing any deviations to the equipment or procedurescontained in this specification. Any such deviation must bedocumented and included in the final test report.