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AWWA C909-09
Molecularly Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride (PVCO) Pressure Pipe, 4 In. Through 24 In. (100 mm Through 600 mm) for Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Service
Напорные трубы из молекулярно-ориентированного поливинилхлорида (PVCO), 4-24 дюйма (100-600 мм), для воды, сточных и регенерированных вод
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This standard refers to molecularly oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVCO) pressure pipe that is manufactured from starting stock pipe made from ASTM D1784 cell class 12454-B material. 

The starting stock materials are then oriented through circumferential expansion to provide a hydrostatic design basis (HDB) of 7,100 psi (49.0 MPa). The pipe has cast-iron-pipe-equivalent (CI) outside diameter (OD) dimensions and with wall thicknesses designed for pressure classes 100, 150, and 200 psi, in 4 in. through 24 in. (100 mm through 600 mm). 

Requirements are given for the following topics: permeation; materials; pipe; joints; pressure-class designations; quality control and qualification testing; quality control records; plant inspection; handling; and packaging.