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ASM Handbook Volume 09
Metallography and Microstructures
1184 стр.
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Includes expanded coverage of COLOR metallography. More than 70 pages are in full color--eight times the amount in the previous edition!
Metallography and Microstructures, Volume 9 of the ASM Handbook, is an essential reference for anyone who specifies, performs, monitors, evaluates, or uses metallurgical analyses for production quality control, research, or educational training. The new edition is a comprehensive reference that features over 30 new articles with substantive updates on metallographic techniques and microstructural interpretation. Expanded and new coverage includes:

  • New articles on field metallography, digital imaging, and quantitative image analysis, quantitative metallography, and color metallography
  • All-new articles on the metallography and microstructural interpretation of cast irons, carbon and low-alloy steels, aluminum alloys, precious-metal alloys, titanium alloys, ceramics, and thermal spray coatings
  • Substantially revised articles on metallography and microstructural interpretation of tool steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, powder metallurgy alloys, and cemented carbides
  • Hundreds of new micrographs throughout the volume
  • More integrated in-text citation of micrograph images with respect to discussions on preparation techniques and alloy metallurgy
  • Updated coverage on specimen-preparation techniques for both manual methods and semi-automatic machines
  • Practical coverage on sectioning and specimen extraction
  • New and revised articles on structures from solidification and solid-state transformations
  • Laboratory safety guide
  • New expanded color section

Metallography and Microstructures is undoubtedly an essential reference for anyone with an interest in the analysis of metals.