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BIP 2078:2007
Managing food safety the 22000 way
225 стр.
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03.120.10 Quality management and quality assurance / Управление качеством и обеспечение качества67.020 Processes. Including food hygiene and food safety / Процессы в пищевой промышленности. Включая гигиену пищевых продуктов
This book takes a detailed look at the requirements of ISO 22000 and is applicable along the complete food chain. A simple methodology is offered, coupled with extracts from the standard and clear explanations of the terms used. The book is designed to be used at a range of levels, either as a stand alone guide or in conjunction with the standard for a more detailed approach. The straightforward methodology will be particularly helpful for those organizations which may be wishing to integrate an ISO 22000 system with their other management system requirements. Accompanying the handbook is a series of practical workbooks, which are tailored for specific sectors in order to go into sufficient detail relevant to those who need it. The workbooks cover the catering, manufacturing and retail industries.
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Food industry, Management, Food products, Safety measures, Food manufacturing processes, Physical distribution management, Retailing, Catering, Agriculture, Packaging, Commerce, Food control, Consumer-supplier relations, Quality management, Quality auditing, Health and Safety