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BS ISO 10924-3:2015
Road vehicles. Circuit breakers. Miniature circuit breakers with tabs (Blade type), Form CB11
18 стр.
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43.040.10 Electrical and electronic equipment / Электрическое и электронное оборудование
Ключевые слова:
Circuits, Classification systems, Mechanical testing, Dielectric-strength tests, Overload protection, Electrical protection equipment, Marking, Environment (working), Approval testing, Test equipment, Gases, Screws (bolts), Rated voltage, Test fingers, Performance, Electrical insulation, Short-circuit current tests, Circuit-breakers, Clearance distances, Test specimens, Power factor, Leakage paths, Low-voltage equipment, Temperature-rise limit, Performance testing, Fire tests, Electrical components, Earth-leakage circuit-breakers, Endurance testing, Electrical equipment, Electrical safety, Certification (approval), Environmental testing, Overcurrent protection, Breaking capacity, Overcurrent circuit-breakers, Thermal testing, Testing conditions, Electrical testing, Verification, Domestic electrical installations, Definitions, Type testing, Impact testing, Electric terminals, Domestic safety, Switchgear, Rated current