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IEC 60060-2:1994 ed2.0
High voltage test techniques - Part 2: Measuring systems
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17.220.20 Measurement. Including measuring instruments, instrument transformers / Измерения электрических и магнитных величин. Включая измерительные приборы, измерительные трансформаторы19.080 Electrical. Including testing equipment / Электрические и электронные испытания. Включая испытательное оборудование
Is applicable to complete Measuring Systems, and to theircomponents, used for the measurement of high-voltages and currentsduring tests with direct voltage, alternating voltage, lightningand switching impulse voltages and for tests with impulse currents,or with combinations ot them as specified in IEC 60-1.Replaces IEC 60-3 and 60-4.