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IEC 60079-17:2007 ed4.0
Explosive atmospheres - Part 17: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance
74 стр.
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29.260.20 Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres / Электрическое оборудование для взрывоопасной атмосферы
This part of IEC 60079 applies to users and covers factors directly related to the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations within hazardous areas only, where the hazard may be caused by flammable gases, vapours, mists, dusts, fibres or flyings. It does not apply to underground mining areas, areas where a risk can arise due to the presence of hybrid mixtures, dusts of explosives that do not require atmospheric oxygen for combustion, and pyrophoric substances. The significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows: Additional requirements for inspection and maintenance of electrical installations for combustible dusts and Equipment Protection Levels have been introduced and are explained in the new Annex C.