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IEC 60189-7:1982 ed2.0
Low-frequency cables and wires with PVC insulation and PVC sheath. Part 7: Distribution wires with solid conductors, PVC insulated, polyamide coated, in singles, pairs, triples, quads and quintuples
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29.060.20 Cables / Кабели29.060.10 Wires. Including electric rods, busbars, etc. / Провода. Включая стержни, шины и т.д.
Applicable to distribution wires, p.v.c., insulated and polyamide coated, used inside buildings for:-connecting terminals on equipment frames or apparatus to one another or to distribution frames;-interconnection between subscribers' lines and exchange equipment in telegraph or telephone exchanges;-temporary installations: under relatively adverse conditions of use.This standard should be used in conjunction with IEC 60189-1.