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IEC 60269-2-1:1998 ed3.0
Low-voltage fuses - Part 2-1: Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by authorized persons (fuses mainly for industrial application) - Sections I to V: Examples of types of standardized fuses
181 стр.
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29.120.50 Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices / Плавкие предохранители и другие защитные устройства при перегрузках
This standard is divided into five sections, each dealing with a specific example of standardized fuse for use by authorized persons:Section I: Fuses with fuse-links with blade contacts.Section II: Fuses with fuse-links for bolted connections.Section III: Fuses with fuse-links having cylindrical contact caps.Section IV: Fuses with fuse-links with offset blade contacts.Section V: Fuses with fuse-links having "gD" and "gN" characteristics.NOTE - The following fuse systems are standardized systems in respect to their safety aspects. The National Committees may select from the examples of standardized fuses one or more systems for their own standards.