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IEC 60300-3-11:1999 ed1.0
Dependability management - Part 3-11: Application guide - Reliability centred maintenance
107 стр.
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03.120.01 Quality. Including general aspects related to reliability and maintainability / Качество в целом. Включая общие аспекты, связанные с надежностью и ремонтопригодностью03.100.40 Research. Including project management, value analysis, etc. / Научные исследования и разработки. Включая управление проектом, анализ стоимостных показателей и т.д.
Provides guidelines for the development of an initial preventive maintenance programme for equipment and structures using reliability centred maintenance (RCM) analysis techniques.RCM analysis can be applied to items such as ground vehicle, ship, power station, aircraft, etc, which are made up of equipment and structure, e.g. a building, airframe or ship's hull. Typically an equipment comprises a number of electrical , mechanical, instrumentation or control systems and subsystems which can be further broken down into progressively smaller groupings, as required.