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IEC 60384-16:1982 ed1.0
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment. Part 16: Sectional specification: Fixed metallized polypropylene film dielectric d.c. capacitors
51 стр.
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31.060.30 Paper and plastics capacitors / Бумажные и пластмассовые конденсаторы
Relates the fixed capacitors with metallized electrodes andpolypropylene dielectric for use in electronic equipment. Themaximum power to be applied is 500 VAR at 50 Hz and the maximum peakvoltage is 2 500 V. Capacitors for radio interference suppressionare not included, but are covered by IEC 60384-14. Prescribespreferred ratings and characteristics and selects from IEC 60384-1 theappropriate quality assessment procedures, tests and measuringmethods and gives general performance requirements for this type ofcapacitor.