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IEC 60384-5:1977 ed1.0
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 5: Sectional specification: Fixed mica dielectric d.c. capacitors with a rated voltage not exceeding 3 000 V. Selection of methods of test and general requirements
22 стр.
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31.060.20 Ceramic and mica capacitors / Керамические и слюдяные конденсаторы
This publication also bears a QC number. This number, QC 301000, is the specification number in the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ). Prescribes preferred ratings and characteristics, selects from IEC 384-1 (1982) the appropriate quality assessment procedures, tests and measuring methods and gives general perfomance requirements for this type of capacitor.Replaces IEC 116.