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IEC 60534-4:1999 ed2.0
Industrial-process control valves - Part 4: Inspection and routine testing
43 стр.
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245.70 CHF (включая НДС 20%)
23.100.50 Control. Including valves / Элементы системы управления. Включая клапаны17.120.01 Measurement of fluid flow in general / Измерения параметров потока жидкости в целом19.020 Test conditions and procedures in general / Условия и методика испытаний в целом
Does not apply to the types of control valves where radioactive service, fire safety testing, or hazardous service conditions are encountered. Is applicable to valves with pressure ratings not exceeding PN 420 (Class 2500). Requirements for actuators apply only to pneumatic actuators.