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IEC 60603-7:1990 ed1.0
Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards. Part 7: Detail specification for connectors, 8-way, including fixed and free connectors with common mating features.
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31.220.10 Plug-and-socket devices. Connectors / Штепсельные разъемы. Соединители
Covers an 8-way connector system of 4, 6 or 8 contacts consisting of a range of free and fixed connectors. The connectors cover a variety of different mounting configurations and termination types with a common mating configuration. Fixed connectors ate provided with terminations suitable for solder, insulation displacement, screw terminal, crimp, insulation piercing termination, printed board mounting and flying leads. Free connectors are provided for crimp, insulation piercing and insulation displacement termination to cable assemblies with tinsel, stranded or solid wire conductors.