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IEC 60605-6:2007 ed3.0
Equipment reliability testing - Part 6: Tests for the validity and estimation of the constant failure rate and constant failure intensity
85 стр.
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03.120.30 Application of statistical methods / Применение статистических методов21.020 Characteristics. Including reliability, dependability, maintainability, durability, etc. / Характеристики и конструкция механизмов, приборов и оборудования. Включая надежность, безотказность, ремонтопригодность, долговечность и т.д.19.020 Test conditions and procedures in general / Условия и методика испытаний в целом
Specifies procedures to verify the assumption of a constant failure rate or constant failure intensity as defined in IEC 60050(191). These procedures are applicable whenever it is necessary to verify these assumptions. This may be due to a requirement or for the purpose of assessing the behaviour in time of the failure rate or the failure intensity. The major technical changes with respect to the previous edition concern the inclusion of corrected formulae for tests previously included in a corrigendum, and the addition of new methods for the analysis of multiple items.