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IEC 60684-3-343:1992 ed1.0
Specification for flexible insulating sleeving - Part 3: Specification requirements for individual types of sleeving - Sheets 343 to 345: Expandable braided ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (E-CTFE) textile sleeving, uncoated
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29.035.20 Plastics. Including adhesive tapes / Пластмассовые и резиновые изоляционные материалы. Включая клейкие ленты
Gives requirements for sleeving which has the property of expanding its bore diameter when compressed longitudinally and thereafter returning to its initial diameter after release of the compressing force. Sleeving of this type is constructed of ethylene chlorotrifluoroetylene (E-CTFE) and is generally available in bore sizes from 6 mm to 63 mm.