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IEC 60728-5:2007 ed2.0
Cable networks for television signals, sound signals and interactive services - Part 5: Headend equipment
88 стр.
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33.060.40 Cabled distribution systems / Кабельные распределительные системы
It defines the characteristics of equipment used in the headends of terrestrial broadcast and satellite receiving systems (without satellite outdoor units and without those broadband amplifiers in the headend as described in IEC 60728-3). The satellite outdoor units for FSS are described in ETSI ETS 300 158, for BSS in ETSI ETS 300 249. Test methods for both types (FSS and BSS) of satellite outdoor units are laid down in ETSI ETS 300 457. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: Revised title and scope Clause 3, several new terms and definitions Subclause 4.1, Methods of measurement for digitally modulated signals Subclause 4.6.2, RF signal-to-noise ratio (SD,RF/N) for digitally modulated signals Subclause 4.8.2, Procedure for the measurement of group delay variation on DVB channel converters Subclause 4.9, Phase noise of an RF carrier Subclause 4.15, Decoding margin (Teletext). Annex D, Special national conditions. Annex E, Correction factors for noise. Annex F, Digital signal level and bandwidth. Annex G, Minimum frequency distance of converted satellite signals in the IF range. Annex H, Measurement errors which occur due to mismatched equipment. .Annex I, Correction factor for spectrum analyser