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IEC 60846:1989 ed1.0
Beta, X and gamma radiation dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate meters for use in radiation protection
77 стр.
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13.280 Radiation. Including protection against radio-frequency radiation / Защита от радиационного излучения. Включая защиту от радиочастотного излучения17.240 Radiation. Including dosimetry / Измерения параметров излучений
Applies to assemblies used for ambient and directional dose equivalents for beta radiation up to 4 MeV as recommended by the ICRU Report. Specifies the functions and performancecharacteristics of measuring assemblies and the test methods to be used for verifying compliance with the standard. It isdivided into two sections: Section One - Principles of dose equivalent (rate) measurement. Section Two - Characteristics of ambient and directional dose equivalent (rate) meters.