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IEC 60871-1:2005 ed3.0
Shunt capacitors for a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1000 V - Part 1: General
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31.060.70 Power capacitors / Силовые конденсаторы29.240.99 Other. Including capacitors for power networks / Оборудование, связанное с сетями электропередачи и распределительными сетями. Включая конденсаторы для сетей электропитания
This part of IEC 60871 is applicable to both capacitor units and capacitor banks intended to be used, particularly, for power-factor correction of a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1 000 V and frequencies of 15 Hz to 60 Hz.This part of IEC 60871 also applies to capacitors intended for use in power filter circuits.