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IEC 61094-8:2012 ed1.0
Measurement microphones - Part 8: Methods for determining the free-field sensitivity of working standard microphones by comparison
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17.140.50 Electroacoustics. Including sound level meters / Электроакустика. Включая слуховые аппараты и шумомеры
IEC 61094-8:2012 applicable to working standard microphones meeting the requirements of IEC 61094-4. It describes methods of determining the free-field sensitivity by comparison with a laboratory standard microphone or working standard microphone (where applicable) that has been calibrated according to either; IEC 61094-3; IEC 61094-2; IEC 61094-5; IEC 61094-6; or this part of IEC 61094. Methods performed in an acoustical environment that is a good approximation to an ideal free-field (e.g. a high quality free-field chamber), and methods that use post processing of results to minimise the effect of imperfections in the acoustical environment, to simulate free-field conditions, are both covered by this part of IEC 61094. Comparison methods based on the principles described in IEC 61094-3 are also possible but beyond the scope of this part of IEC 61094.