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IEC 61164:2004 ed2.0
Reliability growth - Statistical test and estimation methods
111 стр.
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03.120.30 Application of statistical methods / Применение статистических методов03.120.01 Quality. Including general aspects related to reliability and maintainability / Качество в целом. Включая общие аспекты, связанные с надежностью и ремонтопригодностью
IEC 61164:2004 gives models and numerical methods for reliability growth assessments based on failure data, which were generated in a reliability improvement programme. These procedures deal with growth, estimation, confidence intervals for product reliability and goodness-of-fit tests. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are:
- addition of two statistical models for reliability growth planning and tracking in the product design phase;
- statistical methods for the reliability growth programme in the design phase of IEC 61014;
- addition of the discrete reliability growth model for the test phase;
- addition of the fixed number of faults model for the test phase, clarification of the symbols used for various models;
- addition of real lif examples for most of the statistical models;
- numerical correction of tables in the reliability growth test example.

This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 61014:2003.