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IEC 61169-52:2015 ed1.0
Radio-frequency connectors - Part 52: Sectional specification for series MMCX RF coaxial connectors
49 стр.
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33.120.30 RF connectors / Радиочастотные соединители
IEC 61169-52:2015, which is a sectional specification (SS), provides information and rules for the preparation of detail specifications (DS) for RF coaxial connectors with snap-on coupling, typically for use in 50 Ohms cable networks (MMCX). It prescribes mating face dimensions for general purpose connectors grade 2, dimensional details of standard test connectors-grade 0, gauging information and tests selected from IEC 61169-1, applicable to all detail specifications relating to series MMCX RF connectors. This specification indicates recommended performance characteristics to be considered when writing a detail specification and it covers test schedules and inspection requirements for assessment levels M and H. The MMCX miniature snap-on coupling structure series R.F. coaxial connector with the characteristic of normative impedance 50 Ohms are used with various kinds of R.F cables and strips. The operating frequency limit is up to 6 GHz.