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IEC 61240:2016 ed3.0
Piezoelectric devices - Preparation of outline drawings of surface-mounted devices (SMD) for frequency control and selection - General rules
18 стр.
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31.140 Piezoelectric devices / Пьезоэлектрические и диэлектрические приборы
IEC 61240:2016(E) sets out general rules for drawing all dimensional and geometrical characteristics of a surface-mounted piezoelectric device package (referred to in this document as SMD) in order to ensure mechanical inter-changeability of all outline drawings of the SMDs for frequency control and selection. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
- outline drawings have been changed from three views (top, front and bottom) to that based on ISO layout in the third-angle projection, in which the view from the right has been added to the top, front and bottom views;
- reference line and geometrical dimensions of the package for enclosures have been changed for practical use;
- information on miniaturized leadless ceramic enclosures of piezoelectric devices (SMD) for frequency control and selection has been included in an annex.