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IEC 61334-5-1:2001 ed2.0
Distribution automation using distribution line carrier systems - Part 5-1: Lower layer profiles - The spread frequency shift keying (S-FSK) profile
123 стр.
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33.200 Telecontrol. Including Supervising, Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) / Телемеханика. Телеметрия. Включая систему диспетчерского управления и сбора данных (SCADA)
Describes the requirements of S-FSK (frequency shift keying modulation) in conjunction with the services provided by the physical layer entity and the MAC sublayer. The transmission medium is assumed to be the distribution network on both MV or LV level. To be used in conjunction with IEC 61334-4-32.

This publication is of high relevance for Smart Grid.