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IEC 61375-2-6:2018 ed1.0
Electronic railway equipment - Train communication network (TCN) - Part 2-6: On-board to ground communication
242 стр.
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45.060.01 Railway rolling stock in general / Подвижной состав железных дорог в целом
IEC 61375-2-6:2018 establishes the specification for the communication between the on-board subsystems and the ground subsystems. The communication system, interfaces and protocols are specified as a mobile communication function, using any available wireless technology. This document provides requirements in order to:
a) select the wireless network on the basis of QoS parameters requested by the application;
b) allow TCMS and/or OMTS applications, installed on-board and communicating on the on-board communication network, to have a remote access to applications running on ground installations;
c) allow applications running on ground installations to have a remote access to the TCMS and/or OMTS applications installed on-board.