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IEC 61595-1:1997 ed1.0
Multichannel digital audio tape recorder (DATR), reel-to-reel system, for professional use - Part 1: Format A
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33.160.01 Audio, video and audiovisual systems in general / Аудио-, видео- и аудиовизуальная техника в целом33.160.30 Audio. Including tape recorders, records, magnetic tapes, cassettes, CDs, etc. / Аудиосистемы. Включая магнитофоны, пластинки, магнитные ленты, кассеты, компакт-диски и т.д.
Applies to 8 to 64 channel digital audio recording on 12,7 mm or 25,4 mm wide tape, with stationary heads, for professional use. Defines the mechanical and electrical characteristics necessary to ensure the interchangeability of programmes, recorded as digital audio signals on magnetic tape in professional industries.