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IEC 61643-352:2018 ed1.0
Components for low-voltage surge protection - Part 352: Selection and application principles for telecommunications and signalling network surge isolation transformers (SITs)
43 стр.
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33.040.99 Other equipment for telecommunication systems / Оборудование для телекоммуникационных систем прочее
IEC 61643-352:2018 covers the application of surge isolation transformers (SITs) that are used in telecommunication transformer applications with signal levels up to 400 V peak to peak. These transformers have a high rated impulse voltage with or without screen between the input and output windings. SITs are components for surge protection and are used to mitigate the onward propagation of common-mode voltage surges. This document describes SITs' selection, application principles and related information. This document does not cover power line communication transformers.
Keywords: surge isolation transformers (SITs), telecommunication transformer applications