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IEC 61757-1-1:2016 ed1.0
Fibre optic sensors - Part 1-1: Strain measurement - Strain sensors based on fibre Bragg gratings
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IEC 61757-1-1:2016 defines detail specifications for fibre optic sensors using one or more fibre Bragg gratings (FBG) as the sensitive element for strain measurements. Generic specifications for fibre optic sensors are defined in IEC 61757-1:2012. This standard specifies the most important features and characteristics of a fibre optic sensor for strain measurements based on use of an FBG as the sensitive element, and defines the procedures for their determination. Furthermore, it specifies basic performance parameters and characteristics of the corresponding measuring instrument to read out the optical signal from the FBG. This standard refers to the measurement of static and dynamic strain values in a range of frequencies. A blank detail specification is provided in Annex B. Keywords: Bragg gratings (FBG), strain measurement of fibre optic sensors
This publication is to be read in conjunction with IEC 61757-1:2012.