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IEC 61770:1998 ed1.0
Electric appliances connected to the water mains - Avoidance of backsiphonage and failure of hose-sets
37 стр.
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91.140.60 Water. Including water meters in buildings / Системы водоснабжения. Включая счетчики воды в зданиях97.030 Domestic. Including water-bed heaters and electric blankets / Бытовые электрические приборы в целом. Включая нагреватели водяных кроватей и электроодеяла
Specifies requirements for the connection of appliances to the water mains to prevent backsiphonage of non-potable water into the water mains and flooding due to failure of hose-sets. Appliances include washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances. This includes domestic appliances and those in shops and communal flats. The water pressure is not to exceed 1 MPa. Connection may be temporary or permanent.