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IEC 62127-3:2007 ed1.0
Ultrasonics - Hydrophones - Part 3: Properties of hydrophones for ultrasonic fields up to 40 MHz
41 стр.
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17.140.50 Electroacoustics. Including sound level meters / Электроакустика. Включая слуховые аппараты и шумомеры
IEC 62127-3:2007 specifies relevant hydrophone characteristics. This standard is applicable to hydrophones employing piezoelectric sensor elements, designed to measure the pulsed and continuous wave ultrasonic fields generated by ultrasonic equipment; hydrophones used for measurements made in water; and hydrophones with or without an associated pre-amplifier. IEC 62127-1, IEC 62127-2 and IEC 62127-3 are being published simultaneously. Together these cancel and replace IEC 60866:1987, IEC 61101:1991, IEC 61102:1991, IEC 61220:1993 and IEC 62092:2001. The French version of this standard has not been voted upon.