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IEC 62282-3-200:2015 ed2.0
Fuel cell technologies - Part 3-200: Stationary fuel cell power systems - Performance test methods
148 стр.
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27.070 Fuel cells / Топливные элементы
IEC 62282-3-200:2015 covers operational and environmental aspects of the stationary fuel cell power systems performance. The test methods apply as follows:
- power output under specified operating and transient conditions;
- electrical and heat recovery efficiency under specified operating conditions;
- environmental characteristics;
- for example, exhaust gas emissions, noise, etc. under specified operating and transient conditions. This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a stabilization zone of +- 10 % for thermal output of 100 % response time is provided instead of the tests for thermal output of 90 % response time, while the tests for electric output of 90 % response time remain as an option; the calculations for the ramp rate in kW/s are deleted and only the calculations for the response time (s) remain.