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IEC 62287-1:2010 ed2.0
Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - Class B shipborne equipment of the automatic identification system (AIS) - Part 1: Carrier-sense time division multiple access (CSTDMA) techniques
192 стр.
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47.020.70 Navigation and control equipment / Навигационное оборудование и приборы управления
IEC 62287-1:2010 specifies the minimum operational and performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results for Class B shipborne AIS equipment using CSTDMA techniques. This standard takes into account other associated IEC International Standards and existing national standards, as applicable. It is applicable for AIS equipment used on craft that are not covered by the mandatory carriage requirement of AIS under SOLAS Chapter V. The major technical changes with respect to the first edition are the following. The reference to the relevant recommendation of the ITU has been updated from M.1371-1 to M.1371-4 with some consequential small changes. A previous option of providing short safety-related messages in has been removed on advice from the IMO. A new requirement for a default MMSI has been added in 6.4 and a further new requirement for protection from invalid control commands has been added in 6.8. Some test methods have been updated and, in particular, small revisions have been made to the frequencies used for testing in some of the test methods.