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IEC 62317-13:2015 ed2.0
Ferrite cores - Dimensions - Part 13: PQ-cores for use in power supply applications
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29.100.10 Magnetic components / Магнитные компоненты
IEC 62317-13:2015 specifies the dimensions that are of importance for mechanical interchangeability for a preferred range of PQ-cores and low-profile PQI-cores made of ferrite, and the locations of their terminal pins on a 2,54 mm printed wiring grid in relation to the base outlines of the cores. The selection of core sizes for this standard is based on the philosophy of including those sizes which are industrial standards, either by inclusion in a national standard, or by broad-based use in industry. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) addition of three core sizes (PQ 65/54, PQ 78/39 and PQ 107/87) in Table 1;
b) addition of effective parameter and Amin values, of main dimensions of coil formers and of gauge dimensions for PQ-cores for PQ 65/54, PQ 78/39 and PQ 107/87.