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IEC 62631-3-11:2018 ed1.0
Dielectric and resistive properties of solid insulating materials - Part 3-11: Determination of resistive properties (DC Methods) - Volume resistance and volume resistivity - Method for impregnation and coating materials
24 стр.
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17.220.99 Other standards related to electricity and magnetism / Электричество и магнетизм, прочие аспекты29.035.01 Insulating materials in general / Изоляционные материалы в целом
IEC 62631-3-11:2018 covers a method of test for the determination of volume resistance and volume resistivity of electrical insulation materials by applying DC voltage. It covers the materials described in IEC 60455-3-5, IEC 60464-3-1, IEC 60464-3-2 and similar products.