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IEC 62680-1-6:2019 ed1.0
Universal serial bus interfaces for data and power – Part 1-6: Common components – USB Audio 3.0 device class definition basic functions
89 стр.
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35.200 Interface and interconnection equipment / Интерфейсы и межсоединительные устройства33.120.20 Wires and symmetrical cables / Провода и симметричные кабели29.200 Rectifiers. Including semiconductor converters / Выпрямители. Преобразователи. Стабилизированные источники питания. Включая полупроводниковые преобразователи
The purpose of IEC 62680-1-6:2019 is to create a higher level of interoperability among Hosts and Audio Devices. By establishing a set of essential audio features, users can expect a consistent experience, Device manufacturers have a solid template to follow, and Host drivers may be simplified.
The USB Audio Device Class Definition for Basic Audio Functions applies to all USB Audio Functions that are based on the Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Audio Devices Release 3.0. It defines baseline audio functionality for all ADC 3.0 compliant Hosts and Devices.